Workforce Planning

Before organisations can even begin to formulate a workforce plan, they need to get an accurate picture of the workforce they currently have. Organisations need to analyse their workforce to determine areas where there might be excesses or shortages. It is then possible to consider the strategic plan and assess the HR needs of the organisation over a longer term.

This course covers:

  • Workforce requirements
  • Factors affecting workforce supply
  • Workforce objectives and strategies
  • Analyse staff turnover
  • Retaining skilled labour
  • Workforce diversity and cross cultural management
  • Sourcing skilled labour
  • Communicating workforce strategies
  • Develop contingency plans
  • Support workforce planning objectives
  • Strategies to deal with change
  • Succession planning
  • Employer of choice
  • Monitor and evaluate workforce trends
  • Survey organisational climate
  • Review government policy
  • Evaluate the change process


Cost: $60.00 (including GST)

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